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Essay on "Success"

What is success? It seems to me - it is quite a complicated concept. On the one hand, the answer is obvious: success is success in achieving something. But on the other hand, how do you define the degree of success, because for someone, for example, use writing a math test with a B grade is considered a success, and for someone it is a disappointment, because he was hoping to get the highest score.

I think the concept of success is very individual. By doing something, gradually acquiring new skills and moving on to the next level of mastery, one achieves small successes in that area every day. But whether he will be really successful in any business depends on his desire and possibilities.

A person and his environment may pay for essay correction evaluate his success in completely different ways. For example, a singer can be considered a star in his country and his fans will think that he has already achieved the desired success, but this will not be enough for the artist, because in his perception "to become successful" means to be recognized in the West.

What is interesting is that "success" does not only apply to people. A brand, for example, can be successful. A product in a store can also be a success with customers, and a theatrical performance can also be a success with the public. In this respect, I think the concept of "success" is already becoming close to the concept of "recognition. To succeed or to be successful means to be recognized by a certain category of people.

Surprisingly, there are times when something write my capstone paper for me that is not inherently successful is also recognized as successful. For example, an unpretentious song with a simple melody may get recognition from the public, but the composer who wrote it may not necessarily have achieved great success in music, but may have had very mediocre abilities.

Such is the complex and multifaceted notion of success. There's a lot more to say when thinking about this subject, but I prefer to be successful and feel the satisfaction of achieving my goals!

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