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Five other heavenly bodies came upon a picnic bench secluded between some trees as the sun was setting over the city down below. A red checkered table cloth covered the table and it was covered with a magnificent feast! Ribs, Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Fried Chicken along with corn on the cob, salad, baked beans, potato salad among the highlights. In the center of the table was a liter of Crown Royal, a tub of ice, fresh cut limes with five glasses on a silver platter. Five enormous blunts surrounded the platter. Missy sat between Gracie and Jenny while Rose and Tory sat and simply smoldered on the other side. Rose, about 5 feet and probably 90 pounds soaking wet wiggled her little ass on the bench. She had a slim body interrupted only by two massive breasts that bounced hypnotically every time she giggled. Tory sat very closely to her and towered over her big titted friend at five feet ten. She had a set of long shapely legs that seemed to go up to heaven. While not as blessed as her friend, Tory had a nice set of D's who's rock hard nipples poked from her skimpy white blouse that clung to every soft curve.

Rose giggled and fed a piece of dark meat to Tory. Jenny almost creamed herself again as she watched Tory's long luscious tongue slide out of her wet mouth to lick its way up Rose's middle finger and curled the hot meat into her mouth. "Fuck!!", Rose moaned, "I'll never get enough of watching you lick up meat like that!!" The five girls burst out laughing and both Jenny and Gracie felt Missy's soft fingers glide up their soft creamy legs. Drinks were poured and five glasses clinked in the middle of the table as Missy gave the toast: "To new sexy friends!!". Glasses were refilled and the girls began munching.Plates were passed, food was fed into wet waiting mouths and drinks were filled once more. Missy spoke into her walkie talkie and within minutes a young aproned boy came out of nowhere to collect everything leaving the already half drunk liter and the five blunts on the table cloth.

Missy handed each girl a blunt and whipped the table cloth off, spun it around and laid it neatly on a patch of ground nearby. She passed her lighter around and each girl sparked up their huge blunt and blew five clouds up into the darkening sky above them.

The five girls knelt in a circle and blew clouds on each other before leaning forward and meeting in the center of the blanket...five mouths, lips and tongues met in the center for a dripping five way kiss. Tongues and lips tangled as the girls moved closer to the center hands and fingers roaming up and down five creamy bodies. Five hard horny sissy slut moans, seemed to intermingle with the trees surrounding them until finally lifting up towards a now star filled night sky.

Rose and Tory began to crawl towards Jenny as Missy pulled Gracie towards her with one soft wet finger. As Tory ripped off Jenny's tank top, Rose began to lap and lick at Jenny's exposed breasts softly biting her rock hard nipples. Tory grabbed a handful of Jenny's hair and yanked back hard to show a line of drool sliding down her neck and bent down to suck on her neck, occasionally trailing down to meet Rose's hot tongue lapping Jenny's tits. Gracie moaned as she felt Missy's tongue slide down her throat and her hands trailed up and down her front. She let out a squeak when she felt Missy's wet tongue slide around her own rock hard nips as one hand reached down to glide against her bulging panties. Missy got right to the point sliding her soft hands inside Gracie's panties and began stroking her already rock hard she cock. Meanwhile Rose and Tory were sliding down Jenny's thong with their teeth licking and lapping at her creamy legs on the way down and on the way back up. Jenny let out a soft wet moan as she felt two soft tongues lick and lap around the head of her growing and hardening girl cock. Up and down the two tongues alternated on her thick shaft then meeting for a wet kiss with the head of her leaking lady cock between two sets of dripping lips.

Gracie and Missy had moved their soft supple bodies into a sweet sissy sixty nine. They licked and lapped up and down each others straining she cocks and thrust in and out of wet mouths. Jenny caught a glimpse of Gracie and Missy's writhing bodies and instantly became even harder. Gracie and Missy started to fuck each others wet mouths and their moans intensified. Rose took Jenny's soft brown girly balls deep down her throat and Jenny could feel the two girls moan beneath her as Tory's tongue lapping Jenny's cocoa clit met Rose's tongue sliding over Jenny's full balls. Tory's long luscious tongue licked and slurped up Jenny's cocoa clit.

Tory stood suddenly, slipping off her tiny skirt to reveal a massive nine inch sissy cock. It bounced mesmerizingly as Jenny felt a rush of girly cream start to ooze from her slippery cock. Rose managed to tear herself away from Jenny's sweet balls leaving a trail of spit behind. Jenny slid Tory's hot clit down her throat and moaned louder as she hit bottom just in time to meet Rose's berry flavored lips already sucking Tory's huge girly balls. Gracie and Missy continued to suck hungrily at each others sissy clits and when Gracie let out a low soft moan, Jenny knew she blew her creamy load into Missy's juicy mouth. A split second later Missy screamed and began filling Gracie's mouth with her sweet cream.

Jenny moved back a little and took the head of Tory's straining cock between her dripping lips taking two soft hands to jerk and stroke Tory's huge lady cock while Rose continued to lap at her beautiful balls. Tory moaned lustily as Jenny slid again all the way down her nine inch member once again meeting Rose's juicy lips at the base and staying there. Jenny could feel Tory's massive cock down her throat begin to thrust and fuck her wet mouth. Jenny let out a slutty moan as Tory erupted in her mouth with a hot load of sweet she spunk. Tory fucked her mouth spurt after spurt filling her. Meanwhile Gracie and Missy knelt before each other sharing an enormous load of gooey girl jizz between their dripping lips. They pulled each other even closer, creamy bodies sliding up and down as their kiss snowballed into a gigantic creamy mess. Tory shuddered as the last spurt of cum oozed from her lady cock. She pulled both Rose and Jenny up and three sets of creamy lips kissed licked and sucked in a hot gooey cum filled juicy sissy kiss.

Five girls sighed and sat back on the blanket. Cum covered fingers reached down to grab unfinished blunts. The girls spent a few minutes blowing hits up and down each others dripping bodies stealing quick kisses between gulps of Crown. Finally the girls took one massive hit of their blunts and met in the center of the blanket with a hot hard creamy five way kiss...

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